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Flameproof-enclosure Photoelectric smoke detector「FLS-02E」,「FLS-02E-H2」 Currently,explosion-proof type smoke detectors on the market are intrinsically safe, but it require dedicated sensors and receivers, and a type A ground is essential.However, because the pressure-proof type smoke sensor can be used in a normal receiver, it is easy to mix non-explosion and explosion-proof areas. In addition, we also prepared a hydrogen flameproof(FLS-02E-H2) for meeting the demand of battery compartment.


  1. World- first explosion-proof photoelectric smoke detector
  2. Hydrogen Flameproof model (FLS-02E-H2) available as well
  3. Connectable to the receiver of normal automatic fire alarm equipment

Introduction results · Examples of use

  • Factory dealing with gas, paint, chemicals
  • Battery compartment
  • Secondary battery factory
  • Gas filled place, hydrogen stand for fuel cell

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