CEMA Ceramic bearing

CEMA Ceramic Bearing provide ceramic bearings applied to different area. Our products include Ceramic bearing, PEEK bearing, PTFE/UPE bearing and hybrid bearing. Our products have practical and plenty of application experiences in food, medicine, semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, bike, roller skater, dental bearing.



For more than 40 years, Entegris has been a provider of critical products and materials used in advanced high-technology manufacturing. These products and materials are often used to make the building blocks of many of the world's most complex microelectronic products, such as computers, mobile devices and phones, data storage components, televisions and monitors, and automobiles.


Greene Tweed seal

Greene Tweed offer design and manufacturing expertise around the world, solving your critical challenges through the development of custom-designed, leading-edge components. From our proven suite of elastomers and thermoplastics, to our innovative thermoplastic composites and integrated solution offerings, Greene, Tweed is your trusted partner for the most advanced solutions on the market.



Fenwal Controls of Japan, Ltd.
Fire-alarm system, Residential use fire alarm, Fire-extinguishing system Industrial Explosion Protection System, High sensitivity smoke detection system (SAS), overheating alarm system, etc.,
Development and design, manufacture, sales , construction, maintenance and engineering service.