Fluid Management
We provide entire system solutions for building a complete, leak-free, reliable fluid handling network from bulk chemical distribution to the point of use.
Gas Filtration and Purification
Removing unwanted gas molecules from air or process gas flows is paramount to reducing process contamination. Our suite of filters and diffusers are designed to protect rooms and processes from contaminants.
Liquid Filtration and Purification
At the core of our capabilities is the advanced scientific know-how and manufacturing finesse to deliver the some of the best liquid filtration and purification solutions available today.
Wafer Handling
Innovative wafer shipping and processing solutions offering outstanding protection for valuable wafers.
Specialty Gases
We are the leaders in providing safe storage and delivery of highly toxic gases for a variety of manufacturing processes.
Bare Die/CSP Trays
Comprehensive IC Packaging delivery systems for protecting and transporting bare die, CSP, opto electronics and other microelectronic devices.
As a provider of advanced specialty materials and delivery systems, we have the expertise to formulate and deliver the chemistries you need to enable your process and reach your performance goals.
Hard Disk Component Handling
Reliable hard disk component handling solutions that transport critical materials safely and efficiently. Hard disk component handling products enable disk manufacturers to transport their critical materials within their factories and to their end customers safely and economically.
Mask and Reticle Handling
A broad array of products for mask and reticle handling Offering products engineered to provide secure mask protection and precise automation interface, increasing yields and minimizing unscheduled downtime.
Specialty Materials
Carbon and coatings solutions for today’s demanding hi-tech applications Materials science refers to the ability to use and/or alter the properties of a certain material to achieve a certain objective.
Other Substrate Handling
Providing the ultimate protection for your valuable substrates Wafer pods and cassettes that safely protect square or round substrates during processing and transport. Customized solutions to cost-effectively manage substrates for a variety of sizes and applications.