High sensitivity suction type smoke detector system SAS(Suction Alarm System) The three blind spots of traditional aspiration smoke detector system is

  1. Smoke area unspecifiable due to collective aspiration from suction tube.
  2. True detection impossible due to smoke dilution in suction tube.
  3. Slow detection if suction area and control unit are distant.

Up to 31 detectors are connectable to a control unit. It is possible to set the sensitivity of each detector module within a range of 0.1%m to 3% of smoke concentration. Besides, each address can be set alarm and prealarm level.


  1. Aggressive suction by centrifugal fan
  2. High sensitivity 0.1 to 3%/m
  3. By setting individual addresses for the smoke detector modules, it is possible to specify the smoke area
  4. The smoke area can be specified quickly
  5. There is no dilution of the smoke density by fan suction.

Introduction results · Examples of use

  • Data center,server room,Clean room,Metal-clad switchboard

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