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Ultra-Small, ultra-high-sensitive smoke/heat detector F11(Linked type) It is an abnormality detection system dedicated to equipment, which consists of world's smallest class smoke detector F11 and control unit FC1. When you want to perform multi-point monitoring up to 31 detectors, which can be connected with one control unit. (It can also be mixed with the heat detector F21A into a system.) F11 can now be mounted into tight spaces to detect fires in the initial stage by detecting abnormalities inside the equipment, thereby enabling fires to be prevented before they occur. It is also possible to choose the sensitivity according to the usage environment and choose the output you want.


  1. SIZE: Ø28mm X 57 mm
  2. Selectable sensitivity : Settable range 0.1〜10%/m
  3. Each detector has an address, so can specify the location
  4. The wiring to the detector is easy to install with only two communication lines
  5. Selectable sensitivity and output

Introduction results · Examples of use

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Wind power generator in nacelle
  • Panel, switchboard

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