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It is the world's smallest class independent type smoke detector. It is different from the general automatic fire alarm equipment; And can monitor only by supplying 24 VDC power to the detector, so you can take measures against fire at low cost. By making detectors more compact than ever, they can now be mounted into tight spaces to detect fires in the initial stage by detecting abnormalities inside the equipment, thereby enabling fires to be prevented before they occur.You can also select sensitivity and output according to the usage environment.


  1. SIZE: Ø28mm X 57 mm
  2. Selectable sensitivity : Settable range 0.1 to 10% / m
  3. Since it can be used as a single sensor, no receiver is required
  4. alarm signals in case of fire, or trouble signals, can be obtained just by supplying DC 24 V
  5. Sensitivity and output selectable

Introduction results · Examples of use

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Wind power generator in nacelle
  • Panel, switchboard

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