Providing the world’s smallest class smoke detector with a built-in small-size fan, F1HQ makes possible early detection of scattered smoke particles where air currents are rapid. In addition, this product is a standalone device that requires no transmitter;Thus, alarm signals in case of fire, or trouble signals, can be obtained just by supplying DC 24 V.


  1. SIZE: SIZE: Ø28mm X 67 mm
  2. Selectable sensitivity : Settable range 0.5〜5%/m
  3. A standalone device that requires no transmitter
  4. The world’s first smoke detector with built-in fan
  5. Bult-in filter can avoid making a false alarm
  6. Selectable sensitivity and output

Introduction results · Examples of use

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Wind power generator in nacelle
  • Panel, switchboard

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