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Entegris Sensing and Control

Precise control and measurement of process fluids in harsh environments and ultrapure applications

Entegris provides a broad range of integrated flow controllers, flowmeters, pressure transducers, concentration monitors and other measurement and control solutions to improve process visibility, increase yields and maximize productivity.

  • InVue® Concentration Monitors and Refractometers
    Advanced, optically based monitoring and high performance concentration monitors enable greater process efficiency for BEOL, FEOL and sub-fab delivery chemical systems. Our portfolio of InVue® concentration monitors, dissolved oxygen sensors and refractometers provide customers with in-line, real-time and scalable monitoring and detection systems.

  • Integrated Flow Controllers
    Designed for point-of-use blending and dispense, Integrated Flow Controllers combine our proven and reliable, differential pressure flow measurement technology and advanced closed-loop process control. Available in low-to-medium, medium and medium-to-high flow ranges.

  • Electronic Flowmeters
    Our electronic flowmeters provide simultaneous measurement of outlet pressure and flow rate, allowing for greater control of process variables. We offer an InVue® Model NT4400 that is ideal in high purity applications, and an NT™ Model 4401 that is ideal in high-temperature chemical applications.

  • NT™ Proportional Control Valves
    Our NT™ Proportional Control Valves are compatible with highly corrosive processes and designed for use in CMP slurry and ultra high-purity applications. With a range of flow factors from 0.16 to 10 Cv, we have a linear control valve to meet your flow control needs.

  • NT™ Pressure Transducers
    We have combined the latest electronic sensing technology with high-purity materials to create leading-edge pressure transducers to help you monitor or control process conditions. Measure vacuum and positive pressure conditions accurately and reliably with our single-port or flow-through models.

  • Accutek® Flowmeters
    We are the first to offer all-plastic flowmeters and flow indicators with a molded sight tube and molded housings designed for precise measuring and metering of corrosive and ultrapure fluids. The all-molded design enables tighter dimensional tolerances, increases accuracy and product reliability and lowers costs. Configurations include panel mount and in-line panel mount with flow ranges from 25 to 6000 cc/minute.