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Entegris Liquid Packaging

Safely transport, store and dispense ultrapure materials in bulk or to the point of use

Entegris provides innovative, safe and yield enhancing high-purity liquid packaging and delivery system solutions that enable the world’s leading technologies. Solutions include FluoroPure® high-purity transport drums and NOWPak® liner based systems, each designed to maintain safety, reliability and chemical integrity.

  • NOWPak® Liner Based Systems
    Rugged and efficient, Entegris NOWPak® liner based systems maintain chemical purity, maximize utilization and ensure safe transport, containment and dispense of valuable, ultraclean process fluids. A reliable, comprehensive portfolio of bottles, canisters, closures and accessories is available that enhance tool productivity, increase yields and reduce operating costs.

  • Sentry® Quick Connect Systems
    Sentry® quick connect systems ensure against unsafe chemical mixing and remain the industry standard for high-purity chemical dispense. Connection systems are designed to work with FluoroPure® chemical containers including HDPE blowmolded drums, PFA composite drums, pressure vessels and intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

  • FluoroPure® Chemical Containers
    Maintain purity and safety when transporting electronic-grade specialty chemicals.Our FluoroPure® composite drums and HDPE trilayer blowmolded drums maintain chemical purity while helping to reduce operating costs.

  • FluoroPure® Intermediate Bulk Containers
    The FluoroPure® Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) design maximizes chemical retrieval over 99 percent, minimizing chemical waste and lowering your costs. As a leader in clean, safe fluoropolymer chemical container solutions our FluoroPure IBC provides a durable alternative to easily corroded metal cages.

  • FluoroPure® Port Options, Tools and Accessories
    We offer a variety of port options, assembly tools and accessories for use with FluoroPure® chemical containers. Thousands of components are available from shipping plugs to tamper evident closures to bung torque wrench adapters; all designed to help maintain the utmost chemical purity and personal safety.

  • Custom Dip Tubes, Tanks and Containers
    We offer high purity, chemically inert Cynergy® dip tubes that withstand corrosive chemicals, reduce maintenance costs and minimize spills across a wide range of temperatures and chemistries. We also provide process and recirculation tanks, mixing or storage vessels and containers to meet your application needs.

  • FluoroPure® Pressure Vessels
    FluoroPure® pressure vessels are designed for pressurization to allow direct chemical dispensing from the container without the need for pumps. Available in 20 liter and 100 liter sizes. We also offer pressure vacuum vessels in 4" and 6" sizes that may be customized for your dispensing needs.

  • PFA Bottles
    Our high purity PFA bottles deliver safety and purity when you handle corrosive and hazardous chemicals from storage and transport to point of use. Wide and narrow mouth bottles are available, and we offer an acid wash for when a precleaned bottle is required. Sizes range from 100 mL to 1000 mL.

  • Single-Use Assemblies
    Aramus assemblies offer increased confidence, safety and performance with one gamma-stable fluoropolymer film, one layer, a wide temperature range and universal application - protection, purity and flexibility.

  • Process Tanks
    Learn more about our single piece, injection molded, rotationally molded and fabricated open top process and rinse tanks. A variety of single and dual capacity, rectangular and round tanks are available. Custom vessels are also available to meet your unique wet processing application needs.