NANOPURE UHP Pipe/Tube & Fitting

Raw material

Stainless steel is the best material for Ultra High Purity, anti-corrosion, resistance of high temperature and highly mechanism characters, especially 316L.However, the general of 316L may contain impurities in the form of trapped gases and non-metallic inclusions. To prevent this from becoming a problem, NanoPure selects only specific C grades of 316L.


Electropolishing creates a smooth clean surface that enhances corrosion resistance and reduces particle entrapment in microscopic crevices. With the innovative and proprietary process, greatly increases the ability to deliver quality electropolished components for dependable performance in any system.


NanoPure commit every single step of manufacturing process are all surpass ISO and SEMI quality guidelines and system.

Cleaning and Bagging

NanoPure offers a range of cleaning, packaging and special services, which will be done in ISO Class 4 clean room environment.