Entegris Fittings

Clean, robust, leak-free connection technology for high-temperature and high-pressure applications

A complete line of tube and pipe fittings for use in fluid handling systems in semiconductor and other high-tech industries. Entegris products include industry-leading PrimeLock® and Flaretek® PFA tube fittings and PureBond® PFA pipe fittings.

  • PrimeLock® Tube Fittings
    Extremely robust and clean, PrimeLock® Fittings offer the most reliable connection technology on the market. With audible and visual indicators, users can quickly verify proper makeup of the connection. The ultraclean design provides enhanced reliability and safety within your system with an all PFA wetted construction.

  • PrimeLock® Accessories
    Learn about the numerous tools, mandrels, tube cutters, safety devices, caps, nuts, plugs and more that help make up your PrimeLock® PFA fitting connection, our premier fitting for use in high-purity, corrosive chemical applications.

  • Flaretek® Tube Fittings
    Our Flaretek® fittings combine leak-free performance with minimum dead volume for ultrapure fluid applications. Reliability is proven with tens of millions of connections used worldwide. Thousands of configurations and sizes are available, including "SpaceSaver" fittings for compact plumbing in confined areas and FlareLock® II connections for high temperature applications.

  • Flaretek® Accessories
    Learn about the numerous accessories available that help you quickly and easily make up Flaretek® PFA flare fittings, for use in ultrapure fluid applications. Accessories include flare tools, heating tools, insertion tools, wrenches, tube cutters, caps and nuts.

  • Cynergy® Fittings
    Constructed from PFA, Cynergy® fittings are excellent for handling your most corrosive chemicals, and your most fragile and metal sensitive proteins and compounds. Also ideal where rouging may be a problem. Available in sizes from 1/4" to 2".

  • Cynergy® Accessories
    Learn about the Cynergy® weld-in-place equipment that allows you to permanentaly install a Cynergy PFA process system. Find consumable wraps and sleeves for making beadless welds and WIP replacement parts here as well.

  • EP PFA Flare Fittings
    EP PFA Flare fittings are well suited for any corrosive or high-purity application. These durable fittings are manufactured in a Class 10,000 cleanroom facility from virgin PFA, then cleaned and double-bagged to ensure ultimate cleanliness prior to installation. Available in elbow, straight and tee configurations.

  • EP PFA Flare Fitting Accessories
    Learn about the reliable assembly tools, mandrels, wrenches, caps and nuts that are available to help make up your EP PFA flare fitting connection.

  • PureBond® Welded Tube Fittings
    PureBond® weldable tube fittings are made from PFA HP Plus material and provide unmatched chemical resistance when handling high purity fluids. They excel in high purity, highly corrosive chemical handling applications requiring a more permanent connection.

  • Quikgrip® Tube Fittings
    Our Quikgrip® fittings are suitable for corrosive environments, including highly corrosive vapors. The carbon-filled Tefzel® gripper provides strength against pull out, yielding increased performance and connection integrity. Hundreds of configurations are available to meet your needs.

  • Quikgrip® PFA Nuts
    Our Quikgrip® PFA nuts fit our Quikgrip tube fittings easily with no tube preparation or special tools required. This nut assembly provides strength against pull out, yielding increased performance and connection integrity.

  • Integral Ferrule Tube Fittings
    The original all-PFA fitting is suitable for most corrosive ambient environments, even highly corrosive vapors. Also suitable for total chemical immersion. The integral ferrule locks in the grooved tube, providing increased performance and safety. Hundreds of configurations are available to meet your needs.

  • Integral Ferrule Accessories
    Integral ferrule accessories are available for use in your corrosive, ambient environments. Accessories include nut ferrules, plug ferrules, half nuts and caps. We also offer a groove tool for properly grooving the tube so the intergral ferrule nut locks securely into place.

  • Barb PFA Tube Fittings
    PFA barb fittings are ideal with flexible hose used in low-pressure, chemical process applications. Available in 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” sizes.

  • Dual Containment Fittings
    Our PFA dual containment fittings address the dual containment needs of today's advanced processes. Enabling a process line to pass through two walls uninterrupted, these fittings offer fewer connections, easier assembly and fewer leak points.

  • PureBond® Welded Pipe Fittings
    PureBond® weldable pipe fittings are suitable for high purity, high corrosive chemical handling applications in the semiconductor, chemical and other industries where purity and corrosion resistance are necessary. Adaptable to other style systems including PrimeLock®, Flaretek®, NPT and flange fittings.

  • PureBond® Accessories
    Our PureBond® pipe components were the first weldable pipe products of PFA. They are totally leak proof and have all of the chemical inertness PFA provides. We offer 1" and 2" welding tools for butt welding PureBond pipe products to create a rigid, leak-free welded piping system. We also have replacement o-rings, flange rings and PFA caps available.

  • NPT Pipe Fittings
    NPT pipe fittings are suitable for high-purity, chemical handling applications in semiconductor and chemical industries. They are designed to connect to standard NPT threaded components including PFA fittings and PFA threaded pipe systems.

  • NPT Accessories
    NPT pipe fitting accessories are available for use in your corrosive, high-purity chemical handling environments. Accessories include plugs, replacement nuts and seal tape.