Stainless steel - ES1

New NSK stainless steel material ES1 provides better corrosion resistance than standard stainless steel SUS440C in a high-hummidity environment. As a result, it contributes towards reducing maintenance, downtime and replacement costs in operation.


  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Utilities


  • NSK high corrosion-resistant stainless steel ES1
  • High performance Lithium-based grease
  • Durable Nitrile rubber seals
  • Martensite stainless steel Outer / Inner rings and balls
  • Polyamide resin or corrugated stainless steel cage
  • Open type, Shielded type and Contact-seal type are available


  • Better corrosion resistance than SUS440C
  • High hardness (equivalent to SUS440C)
  • Durable Nitrile rubber seals
  • Outperforms SUS440C in durability
  • Polyamide resin or corrugated stainless steel cage
  • Efficient sealing and protection

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