GT Sealing systems

Sealing systems

For decades, we have been a trusted provider of essential sealing components with Chemraz® perfluoroelastomers (FFKM). A pioneer of cleanroom manufacturing, we continue to develop new elastomeric compounds with increased plasma resistance and reduced particulation for enhanced productivity and cleanliness. In addition, Extensis® molding capability has enabled the development of custom, large-scale seals for use in FPD (flat panel display) production. As the semiconductor industry continues to evolve, our sealing solutions will keep pace, ensuring your next generation technology is realized.


  • Dovetail® Seals
  • Extensis® Custom, Large-Scale Seals
  • KF Fitting Seals
  • Metal Spring Energized (MSE®)
  • Materials

  • Chemraz
    513: Universal Compound
    520: Withstands High Loads
    543: Universal Compound
    547: Exceptional Fluorine Plasma Resistance
    550: Carbon-Loaded Compound
    551: Chemical Resistance at High Temperatures
    570: Very Low Contaminants
    571: Durable in Wet Applications
    592: High Strength & Purity
    629: Resists Aggressive Plasmas
    639: Enhanced Plasma Resistance
    640: Excellent Fluorine & Oxygen Resistance
    653: High Temperature, Carbon-Loaded Compound
    655: High Temperature, White Compound
    656: Low Metallic Ion Content
    657: Minimal Particulation in Dry Etch
    E38: Minimal Contamination in Dry Plasma
    XCD: Superior Thermal Resistance
    XPE-HP: Provides Superior O2, Ozone, and UV
    XPE: O2 Plasma Resistance
    XRZ: Corrosion Resistance
    XTR: Exceptional Performance in ClF3 Environments

  • Viton Oring
    FKM 706: High Purity Fluoroelastomer
    FKM 742: High-Performance Fluoroelastomer

  • Minimal Contamination in FPD Processing
    FPD Blue™ 707: Minimal Contamination in FPD Processing