VIM-2 Mobile SRG System

The VIM-2, as a battery-operated device, is user-friendly, works largely independently and can be run remotely (App via Bluetooth). It is for instance particularly suitable for measurements on cryogenic, vacuum-insulated liquid gas tanks. It´s a safe option as it does not require any electrical feedthroughs, making it an all-metal sensor that is extremely robust and resistant to aging. Compared e.g., to the Pirani-based measuring method, the measuring range is extended by approx. 3 decades into the high vacuum region, and thus provides greater and far more valuable information. It is a direct, mathematical / physical method, that only uses the effect of decelerating a rotating ball as it collides with the gas molecules as a measure of pressure.
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Spinning Rotor Gauge

How does the Spinning Rotor Gauge work?
The Spinning Rotor Gauge (SRG) system is comprised of a measuring head, a control/read out unit and a stainless steel measuring tube containing a 4.5 mm ball-bearing ball serving as the pressure sensor. Spinning Rotor Gauges are highly accurate, long-term stable and do not influence the pressure signal that is measured in any way (no temperature input / ionization / gettering / drifts etc.)