ION Check System

The Ion Check is a complete solution to calibrate and compare high vacuum gauges. A spinning rotor gauge is used as a certified, accurate and long-term stable pressure standard. The ION Check is compact and optimized for this application, consists of an oil free and vibration insulated high vacuum system, a gas dosing unit for this pressure regime and a hard- and software to read out and calibrate vacuum gauges with analog output.
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Spinning Rotor Gauge

How does the Spinning Rotor Gauge work?
The Spinning Rotor Gauge (SRG) system is comprised of a measuring head, a control/read out unit and a stainless steel measuring tube containing a 4.5 mm ball-bearing ball serving as the pressure sensor. Spinning Rotor Gauges are highly accurate, long-term stable and do not influence the pressure signal that is measured in any way (no temperature input / ionization / gettering / drifts etc.)