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Entegris Gas Filters

Nickel, stainless steel and Teflon® filter technologies

Entegris ultrapure gas filtration products offer 0.003 micron particle filtration for ultrapure gas applications. Wafergard® gas filters enable higher process gas throughput while reducing the overall gas box footprint.

  • Other Gas Filters
    Wafergard® GN gas filter guns are an easy-to-use, lightweight POU (point-of-use) solution to control gas contamination. The filter element is an exclusive Entegris design used in various semiconductor processes.

  • In-Line Teflon® Gas Filters
    Our gas filters provide superior particulate filtration to minimize pressure drop and to maximize filter lifetime. Choose from Wafergard® and Linegard™ in-line gas filters.

  • In-Line Stainless Steel Gas Filters
    Entegris' in-line stainless steel gas filters are designed for use in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. They're easy to install without requiring design changes.

  • In-Line Nickel Gas Filters
    Entegris' ultrapure nickel filters are the cleanest and most efficient gas filtration products for high-pressure, high-temperature applications.

  • Surface Mount Gas Filters
    Wafergard® seal gas filters provide the industry’s leading gas particle control solution in a surface-mount design. Available with stainless steel or nickel filter elements, the filters provide the ultimate process protection, superior corrosion-resistance and excellent compatibility with inert, hydride and reactive gases.