Entegris Specialty Chemicals

Formulated chemistries and precursors materials for your most challenging process

Expertly designed with customers' challenges in mind, Entegris tailors specially formulated chemistries and precursor materials to meet customers' technology and economic needs.

  • Post CMP Cleaning Solutions
    Industry leading solutions for advanced Post CMP cleaning needs.

  • Post Etch Cleaning Solutions
    Industry leading solutions for post etch processing needs.

  • Wafer Reclaim
    The RegenSi® family of solutions provides an all wet method for reclaiming or recycling used test wafers. By removing dielectric and metal layers without the need for a subsequent CMP process, the RegenSi family increases the effective lifetime each test wafer - thereby reducing the customers test wafer spend.

  • Selective Etchants
    A range of solutions designed to meet specific selective etch requirements for a group of customers or applications. We have applied our knowledge of selective material removal, passivation and corrosion control to develop solutions and meet the challenges of matching productivity requirements with ever reducing material loss budgets.

  • Precursors
    We provide precursors to meet the industry's technical, quality and economic challenges .